Survival Skills During A Disaster: Co-op leaves ball in regulator's court

Co-op leaves ball in regulator's court
While BP's great sell-off was triggered by unfortunate necessity to pay for the Gulf of Mexico disaster, it is now being continued out of a conscious choice to prioritise “value over volume” and to reward investors. Investors are jittery about ... Read more on

The Tuesday Playlist: War of the Worlds at 75, Women of Interest, Naked Vegas
Syfy's contribution to the "express yourself" reality-workplace genre substitutes body painting - a skill often displayed by contestants of my beloved Face Off - in place of the typical tattoo ink parlor. A former Face Off player ("Nix" Herrera) is ... Read more on Corning Leader

Chamber, City of Malibu look to strengthen emergency preparedness among ...
Davis relayed to the business owners the importance of sharing information and allowing the Emergency Preparedness department of the city to be the gatekeepers of the information that gets disseminated to the community in the event of a disaster. He ... Read more on Malibu Surfside News

Miami Hurricanes vs. Florida State Seminoles Complete Game Preview
The Miami Hurricanes and Florida State Seminoles will collide this weekend in Tallahassee, with much on the line. One of the greatest college football rivalries of the 1980's and 1990's, Miami owned the first half of the past decade, while Florida ... Read more on Bleacher Report

Search on for miracle pets
... on for pets who've had miracle escapes from injury or illness. Vet charity PDSA wants to hear about plucky pets that have dodged disaster and beaten the odds thanks to the skill of vets, the love of their owners and of course their own amazing ... Read more on Linlithgow Journal & Gazette

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