Survival Skills During A Disaster: Letters: Lessons from Katrina

Letters: Lessons from Katrina
I have new building skills. There are a lot of us in New Orleans (and Sandy survivors on the East Coast) who "get" what you will be facing. Look at what we did right and toss where we screwed up. You can survive and be a fine person even in a disaster ... Read more on Colorado Daily

Feinstein: Background check law could have prevented Navy Yard shooting
It's that attitude, that, the lack of, I guess, care and concern about the survival of the general public so that somebody can have a house full of weapons.” Other Democrats have also joined the call for gun control legislation in the wake of Monday's ... Read more on Daily Caller

Survival Skills
Paramount had Sam Sheridan, author of Disaster Diaries: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse, and Mark Mikita, a knife-fighting instructor and grandmaster martial artist, on hand to give reporters a few tips on how to survive the type ... Read more on Home Media Magazine

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